About Us

      Xingtai Xinxiang Metallic Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly ? owned subsidiary of Xingtai Iron& Steel Corp., Ltd. It has convenient transportation, Locating in High-tech Development Area of XingtaiCity, with Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway to the east and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to the west.Covering an area of 248 acres, with the total investment of 400 million yuan and an annual output of 75,000 tons (the first phase of the project, overall plan: 300,000 tons )
     Unswervingly implementing the enterprise developent strategy (be perfect, be special, be strong ), XingtaiXinxiang Metallic Materials Technology Co., Ltd. guarantee the intrinsic quality of CHQ by introducing theadvanced Korean wire drawing machine, Korean STC annealing furnace, Korean tunnel continuousfurnace and Korean pickling and phosphating production line; using the material (wire rod) of Xingtai Iron& Steel Corp., Ltd. The company offers high-tech and high quality CHQ for the fasteners and bearingmanufactures. Product sizes are from Φ5.2mm toΦ40mm. Product applications: Automotive cold formingparts, Machinery Industry, Bearing Industry.
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