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New Xiang company organized fire emergency drills

DATE:2017-11-21 03:56:09 HITS:373 Source: Xin Xiang Technology
        In order to further improve the staff's ability to deal with emergencies, recently, Xin Xiang organized emergency drills for fire accidents.

     The drill site is selected in the maintenance area. Before the drill, the safety department and the manufacturing department carried out the training for the participants to explain the plan, fire extinguishers, fire fighting, evacuation and fire hydrants. The drill is carried out at 15:00 p.m., and the accident assumes that the maintenance personnel will inadvertently ignite the flammable articles when the welding operations are carried out. The on-site operators immediately notify the duty officer on duty and start the fire emergency plan. In the course of drilling, fire fighting, evacuation, warning belt, fire hydrants, etc., can be implemented according to the requirements of the plan. After the end of the drill, the scene personnel report to the drill leader. The safety management personnel of Xin Xiang company commented on the drilling process and pointed out the problems existing in the drilling and the requirements for improvement.
    Through the fire accident emergency drill, improve everyone's safety awareness, lay a good foundation for safe production.
The new Xiang Jing Shuanghui feeds
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