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Machinery industry is one of the main users of fasteners

DATE:2017-04-17 06:59:19 HITS:453 Source: Xin Xiang Technology
Machinery industry is one of the main users of fasteners. Due to China's understanding of the importance of mechanical parts in the machinery industry, the lack of investment for a long time, resulting in the poor foundation of the whole industry, weak foundation, weak strength. Especially with the improvement of the level of China's mainframe, mechanical components behind the bottleneck of the main engine is becoming increasingly apparent. Today, although the introduction of technology, technological innovation, scientific research and development, the country has given some support, but compared with the current market demand and the level of foreign countries, there is still not a small gap, in particular in: less product variety, low level, unstable quality, early failure rate, poor reliability.
Fasteners as the main components of the machinery industry, the development of the machinery industry, but also on the fastener products put forward higher requirements. Domestic standard fasteners have been oversupply, while the high-end fasteners (high temperature, special-shaped, titanium plastic composite, special properties, such as fasteners) in short supply, but also rely on imports. National Bureau of machinery to the "ordinary standard fasteners" as a restricted development of products, "high strength special-shaped fasteners" as the current encourage the development of products. With the development of the national industrialization level and the technical progress, the use of high-strength fasteners increases gradually.



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